Love Based Browser Games

  • I Saw Her Standing There Review

    I Saw Her Standing There

    Love at first sight is rare enough as it is. Turn the girl into a zombie and you've either got a disaster waiting to happen or an odd, heartwarming story. Thankfully, it's the latter for I Saw Her Standing There, a puzzle platformer. As you may have guessed, it tells the tale of a boy who has his eyes on a zombie girl. From the controls to the graphics, everything about this game is kept simple. That's not to say though that it's boring or easy.

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  • I Saw Her Too With Lasers Review

    I Saw Her Too With Lasers

    Another fun title from krangGAMES, I Saw Her Too With Lasers is more of a puzzle game than a platformer like its predecessor. The story is also a tad different this time around. Instead of playing as a guy who falls in love with a zombie girl, you are now a mad scientist. Your goal is to help the two undead lovers get their happily ever after.

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  • I Saw Her Across the World Review

    Play a Game of Love Tag in I Saw Her Across the World

    I Saw Her Across the World is the third game in a line of stellar platformers by krangGAMES. The zombie lovebirds are back and this time, they're taking their game of tag across the globe. Well, at least to several scenic locations. If you wish to reunite the pancake-loving sweethearts then you will need to climb buildings, scramble to avoid wild animals and be open to infecting other humans. After all, you are still playing a zombie.

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  • These Robotic Hearts of Mine Review

    These Robotic Hearts of Mine

    Unravel a tale of love by solving a series of mind-bending rotation puzzles in These Robotic Hearts of Mine. Created by award-winning indie game developer Alan Hazelden, this title is a breath of fresh air for both hardcore and casual puzzle game fans alike. It features 36 challenging levels, beautiful pixel graphics and a story that will keep you engrossed 'til the end.

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  • Jim Loves Mary 2

    Jim Loves Mary 2

    Though they're head over heels in love, the road sure hasn't been easy for Jim and Mary. In order to try and escape Mary's disapproving family, the lovebirds tried to hide in Jim's house. Unfortunately, they were quickly followed by their pursuers. This left them no choice but to flee and go for plan B.

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  • The Girlfriend Quiz Review

    The Girlfriend Quiz Review

    Do you know what kind of girlfriend you are? Knowing if you're the type to mother your guy or shy away from social situations may not only reveal something new about yourself but also give you a clue why your relationships turn out the way they do. If you're wondering whether your gal pals are telling the truth when they say that you're the jealous type, then take the "What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?" quiz and find out for yourself.

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  • 7 Dates Review

    7 Dates Review

    Not everyone can meet Mr. Right without putting in any effort. Just like in forming friendships, you will have to make sure you're put in situations where you get to socialize and meet potential love interests. If you're still a bit too shy to do that in real life, then 7 Dates may just be the right game to play to kick off your real life dating adventure.

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  • Date of Ditch 2 Review

    Date of Ditch 2 Review

    Date or Ditch 2is one of our favorite dating simulation games thanks to its fun gameplay mechanics, neatly designed visuals, and engaging delivery. While it does have its’ own share of issues, the game is generally quite fun to play. The whole game itself has a solid narrative flow thanks to the way the various scenarios all link up to one another. Whether you are just interested in the dating part of the game or the entire package, is certainly a sequel that lives up to and surpasses the original.

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