3D Love & Sex Games: Explore Romance in Virtual Worlds for Adults

Falling in love online has been popular now, in fact for well over two decades since the internet came about new ways to do so have been popping up and virtual 3D realistic worlds for adults are one of the most engaging ways. We explore the most popular ones that are available to use both on PC and android/ios mobile devices.

3DX Chat

3DX chat really is an adult love game in every sense. This virtual world allows you to make your own 3D avatar exactly how you want him or her to be and explore a highly realistic world while engaging in many things including 3D sex. Create yourself, man or lady with a perfectly beautiful face and a super fit/toned body and meet unique people who are highly attractive – it’s certainly a game to heightened the senses – take a look for yourself.

Meet other players in this virtual world for adults, chat, have fun in different exciting locations like night clubs, on yachts and the beach plus get up to anything you like including making love with someone special you find in the world. The game even supports VR capabilities with the Oculus Rift.

Stunning views in more ways than one!

The visuals in 3DX chat are stunning, both the avatars and the environments look highly realistic to add to the ultimate 3D experience on your PC. Plus when creating your avatar you get to customize every body feature, from finely detailed facial features to the perfect body shape to suit you as seen below.

Highly customisable and realistic avatars

There are plenty of players to meet online and interact with socially and a whole lot more including having making love and having sex.

IMVU (PC, Android & iOS)

Number of Players in 2020: 6 million players each month

The tag line of this virtual world is “beyond instant messaging”, mainly due to its The Sims-like game play wherein you can customize a character to your heart’s content and use him (or her) to explore the game environment. Don’t think for a second that this is intended for kids though, the community is largely made up of adults who are seeking dates and are open to the idea of sparking romance. Even if it is advertised for those who are at least 13 years of age, the graphics also lean more towards those who are a lot older.

Less for Kids, More for Adults

The avatar models make use of adult bodies, with plenty of sexy outfits to match their curves. Because one of the game’s goals is to offer players a chance to create unique characters, there are over 100,000 basic catalogue items to choose from, giving members the freedom to create fairies, angels and punks, among others.

Aside from avatar customization, IMVU focuses on community interaction. Members are able to chat with friends immediately or, if the mood strikes, users can click on the “chat now” button in order to connect with a random player. This surely simplifies dating and saves valuable time. If in case you end up in a room with an offensive chat buddy, there is an option to block members so you don’t have to deal with them again.

However, keep in mind that there are no chat filters in place. This means that once you initiate a conversation with someone, there is also a chance that you will be subjected to sexually explicit language, inappropriate lingo and profanity. Basically, having no moderators or restrictions is a double-edged sword. There are no boundaries with regards to the flow or type of conversation you can have with someone you are interested in but it is also up to you to filter which personal details you want to give out.

Getting to Know You

Are you curious about someone in particular? There is an option to visit their IMVU profile to get to know them better and keep an eye on their Wish Lists, Groups, Interests and more. That being said, you are free to customize your profile as well. Decorate it with your favorite photos, add quotes or song lyrics and leave status updates for your Visitors. The IMVU messaging widget makes it easy to leave messages to members who catch your eye. Better yet, you can go straight to inviting them for a 3D chat session.

If you do end up interested in someone enough to date them online, there are plenty of options on how your avatars can interact with each other. For instance, you may kiss and cuddle with your sweetheart. You can also make out if the moment calls for it. Or, if you really want to take things to the next level, there is an option to go on intimate dates, bare it all and actually take part in sexual activities. These types of adult interactions are restricted to members who purchase an Access Pass and are at least 18 years of age. Because IMVU is one of few date games to be found online, you can live out your fantasies. Invite your girl to the beach, enjoy the view up on a penthouse suite or even take to the skies for that dash of fantasy.

Should I Play This Game?

Being a decade old, https://www.imvu.com/ already has a thriving community. Currently, there are 3 million active users. Its virtual good catalog is filled with user-created content, containing around 6 million items and making it one of the largest one to date. If you fancy yourself as an online social butterfly then this could be the game for you, there are plenty of groups, activities and public chat rooms that can help you get started.

Play online for PC at the Official Website

Download on the Google Play Store for Android

Download on the Apple Store for iOS

Second Life (PC Only)

Number of Players: 500,000 (last reported in 2018)

Second Life is IMVU’s major rival and is arguably more realistic in terms of the avatar’s you can create in the world and the environment itself. Yet the game has far fewer players than IMVU, most likely due to the fact that the developers have never transitioned the game to mobile devices.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth considering if you prefer to play in a virtual world on your pc, as Second Life still has a dedicated following. If we look at the character modelling in the world, it’s absolutely stunning.

Second Life offers users the ability to create beautiful avatars

A lot of the landscapes and environments in the game have been created by dedicated players.

The best reviews for this world can be found on the actual google search page, where on the right real users have written extensively about their experiences in the game. The information panel on the right offers a diverse range of opinions, you can find it here.