A Bloody Love Story of Strange Sorts with Whack It Games

So we have heard of serial killer couples before, think about Bonnie and Clyde who were on the run from the police and committed a series of murders including the killing of nine policy officers. While in love they committed robberies across the USA and have been depicted in the 1967 movie “Bonnie and Clyde“.

Fast forward to the present day and we have a different type of couple depicted in a bunch of socially viral and rather bloody point and click games. Known simply as Patrick and Lisa, this couple have featured in three games together all created by the popular cartoon games website www.whackit.co which is their official home.

Perhaps their most telling tale so far that has been covered by Youtuber’s as big as Markiplier and Jackseptic Eye is Whack the Serial Killer where abducted together by a serial killer they are trapped in a basement and Lisa has to rescue Patrick from a dungeon which references the well known Gimp scene in Pulp Fiction.

Patrick and Lisa Square Off to Face the Serial Killer

The game has endless movie references in but what is so striking is that Lisa does most of the killing while Patrick is just featured at the end of the game, a narrative that was also used in their previous chapter Whack the Creeps.

While Lisa was only introduced in Whack the Creeps we can see her playing a pivotal role in the series going forward, something that Whack It has clearly indicated. There is no doubt the couple will feature in most games together as it adds an extra dynamic to the game, where kills can be performed with the characters double teaming their adversary.

Patrick and Lisa clearly have popular Youtubers amused

As a fan of the series I would like to see Patrick and Lisa double team opponents in a more interactive way which introduces elements of romance mixed with blood and guts. I can only hope the developers explore this interesting dynamic more as love and blood go well together!

Their upcoming game Whack the Demon actually has the characters drawn in a different style which is gives the series a new level of polish, in fact the effects and visuals in the upcoming chapter look like they will take the series to a totally different level.