Christmas Love Films Classics: Our Favourite Old Romantic Comedies

Cuddle up and enjoy our top 10 classic romantic Christmas comedies, some of which you may not know exist but are well worth watching, even today. Most of these films are available to buy or rent on Amazon Prime (not to stream).

Come December we all start to think about Christmas. So, what better way to get this romantic time of year off to a good start than to settle down to watch a seasonal romantic movie. There are some superb old Christmas movies featuring romances in bucket loads, while we have compiled our top ten, from number ten through to our number one choice.

10. While You Were Sleeping (1995)

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This complicated love story involves Lucy the ticket seller who takes a shine to a commuter named Peter. One day Peter is attacked, falls onto the train line and is saved by guess who? Yes Lucy, who accompanies him to hospital. When Peter’s family arrive to find him in a coma they mistake Lucy for his fiancée taking her instantly to their hearts as they are so grateful that she saved Peter, played by Peter Gallagher, from certain death.

Lucy played by the fabulous Sandra Bullock spends time with Peter’s family while he is still unconscious and falls in love with Peter’s brother Jack, played by Bill Pullman. What on earth will happen when Peter eventually comes round? This movie has great charm, while set against a snowy Chicago backdrop it’s a great view for a cold winter’s afternoon.

While You Were Sleeping is a feel good movie filled with romance and although a tad predictable story wise is well worth buying from Amazon. Sandra Bullock is her usual understated girl next door self, while she makes the movie believable just for this reason!

9. Holiday Affair (1949)

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This Christmas romance involves a department store toy salesman and a widowed single mum, a secret shopper who returns a train set to the store. Steve the salesman played by Robert Mitchum lets her off buying the set instead of informing his manager and gets the sack for his trouble. So now we have a man without a job who has fallen for the woman who caused him to lose it, while she also has a boyfriend who is waiting for an answer to his marriage proposal.

Connie, the widow, played by Janet Leigh, has a cute son called Timmy who likes Steve and doesn’t want his mother to marry Carl the boyfriend played by Wendell Cory. Holiday Affair has over the years become a popular Christmas stalwart that offers the level headed businessman versus the fly by night chap scenario. What will Connie choose, dependability or excitement? Why not buy this movie from it’s a Christmas Romance not to be missed especially by those who love an old classic film.

8. The Holiday (2006)

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The Holiday is a great Rom Com movie set against the backdrop of Christmas that has a superb story running throughout. Starring some great names such as Cameron Diaz as Amanda, Jude Law, as her love interest Graham widowed father of two small girls, Kate Winslet as Iris Graham’s sister and Jack Black as Iris’s love interest Miles.

Iris and Amanda don’t know each other but decide due to their terrible love lives and Christmas coming up they swap homes, with Iris going to America and Amanda coming to a snowy England. Amanda meets Graham and falls for him not knowing until halfway through the movie he is a widower with children and Iris’s brother. Iris meets Miles Amada’s colleague and it doesn’t take long for attraction to grow into all out love for both couples.

The Holiday offers us romantics everything we want in a Christmas Rom Com which is plenty of laughs, lots of love and romance all set against the Christmas season. There are various interspersed stories too such as the Eli Wallach character who is an ageing Hollywood writer that Iris befriends and helps.

7. Remember the Night (1940)

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Remember the Night is another golden oldie you won’t want to miss out on as it is indeed a classic movie starring those old buddies Barbara Stanwyck and Fred McMurray who appeared in many films together back in the 1940’s. This story is an unusual Christmas romance offering as it involves a woman shoplifter called Lee, played by Stanwyck, who comes in front of prosecutor John Sargant, played by McMurray, who decides Christmas is not the time to pursue a prosecution so bails her to come back after the festivities are over.

As Lee has nowhere to go Sargant takes her home to his place where he lives with his mother. As you have probably guessed the couple fall in love over the Christmas break due in part to the fact that Sargent is surrounded by a loving family, something Lee does not have. You can see where this is going? What will happen after Christmas when Sargent has to prosecute Lee in court?

Remember the Night will make a great addition to any classic movie collection. It’s a lovely romantic tale that encompasses what family love is all about at Christmas time. This especially is portrayed by the love Sargent’s mother, played by Beulah Bondi, shows to her family which is nothing like Lee’s experience of a mothers love.

6. White Christmas (1954)

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One of our all-time favourites White Christmas is as well-known for the title song as it is for the movie itself. The dulcet tones of Bing Crosby singing White Christmas resonated throughout the film, while the movie features all the classic Hollywood glitz and glamour all set against a snowy Christmas backdrop that will bring tears to your eyes.

Crosby who plays Bob along with Danny Kaye who plays Phil are a sing and dance act that used to be in the US army together. Rosemary Clooney plays Betty Haynes, while Vera Ellen plays Judy another song and dance duo who is the men’s love interests. The pair of duos is due to appear at a holiday lodge in Vermont and find that the owner of the lodge is none other than Bob and Phil’s old army commander.

The lodge isn’t doing that well so the foursome decide to put on a show to end all shows to help him out, while as the story plays out there is bags of romance and a great musical score from Irving Berlin that is still popular today.

5. Lovely Still (2008)

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Lovely Still is a great romantic tale about love in later years. Ageing grocery store worker Robert played by Martin Landau falls for Mary played by Ellen Burstyn who shops in the store. One night when he gets home from work he finds Mary in his living room. At first he is shocked but then he warms to her as she explains that she is his new neighbour and simply wants to introduce herself.

Mary asks Robert to go to dinner with her the next day and he agrees if somewhat reluctantly as he is a loner who has never dated or been in love. The date goes quite well and it is really sweet how the couple find a way to get along even though for her it has also been a while since she dated. The couple spend lots of time together over Christmas and eventually end up in a physical relationship.

Lovely Still has quite a twist in the story that we feel would be wrong to disclose as it will really spoil the movie for anyone who has not yet seen it. It’s a fabulous romantic tale where love conquers all against the odds plus how one woman’s love for a man endures through what must have been a terrible episode in her life.  Those who have missed Lovely Still are missing a real Christmas tear jerker.

4. Christmas in Connecticut (1945)

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This is another superb Barbara Stanwyk Christmas movie where she plays Elizabeth Lane a food writer that has lied for years about her cooking prowess. Her boss played by Sydney Greenstreet has invited himself over with a returning war hero, Dennis Morgan, for Christmas and Elizabeth must provide a traditional Christmas feast for her guests.

Elizabeth’s readers think she is great cook who looks after her husband and children, while she actually is single and lives in New York alone. Elizabeth knows that once her boss finds out he has been duped along with the rest of her readers she will be fired but what can she do at this late stage?

If you are not familiar with Christmas in Connecticut you are missing a great movie as it is amusing with a romantic twist, while watching our lady try to play the doting mother and wife in order to dig herself out of this hole is really funny. It’s an oldie but goodie therefore why not give it a whirl by buying the DVD from TCM.

3. It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947)

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Multi-millionaire Michael Connor leaves his mansion on Fifth avenue every year at Christmas time and heads off oblivious to the fact that a local tramp moves in when he has left. This year the tramp Aloyisius T McKeever played by Victor Moore invites a war veteran who has fallen on hard times to join him, while the millionaire’s daughter Trudy turns up and also moves in duping the other two into thinking she too is homeless.

Trudy played by Gayle Storm falls for Jim the war veteran and as the story goes along more homeless people join them in the apartment. Judy tries to save the folk from eviction when her father finds out and enlists the help of her mother who is divorced from her father. There are lots of comic scenes in the movie, while the Christmas message of peace on earth and good will to all men does eventually prevail. The movie was Oscar nominated for Best Writing.

2. Love Actually (2003)

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Love Actually is an amazing Christmas rom com that tells the story of the love lives of eight different couples who all are connected by the Bill Nighy character of the story Billy Mack. Set in London at the run up to Christmas Hugh Grant plays the Prime Minister who falls in love with the cleaning lady played by Martine McCutcheon. Their story is a real romantic poor girl gets the man of her dreams making it a rag to riches tale.

Love Actually is typically English which is no bad thing with the movie having many ups and downs when it comes to love with couples falling in and out of love all over the place. Add a bit of the white stuff and this movie is the romantic offering ladies love, while men don’t like to admit it but they too get along with the movie just fine! explain why it is the perfect feel good Christmas film.

1. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

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Edward Scissorhands is an amazing romantic movie where a young man who has scissors for hands falls in love with a young girl named Kim played by Winona Ryder. This fabulous Tim Burton classic is a firm favourite with Johnny Depp fans. Depp plays Edward who is the creation of an inventor, Vincent Price, who died before he could be completed. Edward has to live with his scissors which are slightly debilitating.

When Edward is discovered living in the castle on the hill alone by a lady called Peg she invites him to come and stay and all goes well at first with Edward cutting hedges and the locals hair but when attitudes change trouble ensues for Edward. He gets framed for a robbery he didn’t commit and everyone turns against him except of course Peg and Kim.

Even though Edward looks really weird we can’t help but love him as Depp plays the vulnerable character in a way only he can do. This fantasy romance makes Edward Scissor hands one of the finest Christmas movies for children and adults alike as so many of Tim Burton’s movies do. did an excellent write up about why it is the perfect movie for people who are feeling lonely at Christmas.