Date or Ditch 3: The Possibilities Are Endless

When it comes to love, there are no guarantees. Even if you’re a real Casanova, finding your perfect match may take a while. There’s a certain amount of luck involved in finding “the one” and once you do, it’ll be a whole new adventure. Fortunately, there are games like Date or Ditch and its sequel to give you a taste of the dating scene without the possibility of heartbreak. Not only are these engaging sim games great time wasters, they also offer a few valuable insights into the world of dating. That being said, if you’ve already played the two titles in the series, then like us you must be at the edge of your seat for the release of a third game.

Customisable Characters

Date or Ditch 2 already has a solid formula to be a keeper. However, it does need to up the ante in order to keep things interesting for long time fans. For starters, a customizable character like that allowed in teenage virtual game ourworld would make things more engaging for those who want to inject a little of their personality into the playable bachelor or bachelorette. Are you a sassy brunette or a blonde girl-next-door? Similar to avatars, the player should be able to choose a face and body type along with a suitable expression for their picture perfect portrait.


Of course, what customizable character would be without his or her signature accessories? In order for this new game element to be perfect, customization can’t stop with hair and eye color alone. Players should have the ability to pick an outfit that reflects their personality. It doesn’t have to be an in-depth change. At its simplest, there could be set styles that players can pick from. They can even answer a quiz that assigns a wardrobe based on their personality. At its most intricate, players can unlock new tops, bottoms and accessories while wandering the map or they can be acquired as gifts from new friends and love interests.

As for the actual mechanics, there’s no reason to fix what isn’t broken. The simplified conversation tree is a great option for those who want a relaxed adventure. However, those who wish to experience a more challenging game should have the option to do without the emotions and icons. This will give players the freedom to choose their answer without being constantly reminded that there’s a “better” choice.

More Random Events and NPCS’s

As for map explorations, Date or Ditch 3 could use more random events and NPCs to make the game world more exciting. Sure, you may be a highly successful guy but a chance to switch careers or go on vacation could open up new people to meet. Not every character needs to be unlocked from the start, some can come as a surprise or they can be a missed opportunity.

Improved Gift System

The gift system can also be tweaked to give more life to the characters. One potential love interest can be a fan of designer hand bags while the other may be more into tickets for a big league game. It’s all a matter of preference and it lends a sense of realism to the game. Just like customization items, these gifts may be picked up off the map, being at the right place at the right time or simply acquired by talking to the correct NPC.

Mini games have been a staple in dating sims. That being said, having more mini games which reward players with interesting tidbits about the apple of their eyes would be a welcome improvement for the next Date or Ditch. Each potential Romeo could offer a different game related to his personality. Not only will this add more replay value, this will also give additional depth to each character’s personality.

Improved Visuals

Lastly, we’d like to see a bit of improvement in the graphics department. While the portraits are already fabulous, the sprite art and maps are in need of a little sprucing. A sophisticated look for the characters complete with some new, stylish backdrops will be an irresistible combo for those seeking virtual romance.

Regardless which improvements come with the next Date or Ditch, it will no doubt be an interesting game so long as it stays true to its accessible dating sim roots. Fans of the old will love Date or Ditch 3 for exciting new possibilities while those who are new to the genre will surely be impressed with a more polished system that is twice as enjoyable.