Famous Date Quiz Game Review: Are you Destined to have Bieber Fever?

This short quiz is made up of ten questions. If you’re worried about divulging any juicy secrets or drawing a blank, don’t be. All of them are in the multiple choice format and are easy to answer. Questions like “what’s your fave guy style?” tackle your preferences while the one discussing you dreams puts your self-awareness to the test. It’s not rocket science but it does give you something interesting to think about.

After answering everything, the results are then calculated and your perfect match is revealed. You get a picture as a reward along with a short explanation as to how you were able to land that specific teen heartthrob. Do you stay cool under pressure just like Robert Pattinson or will Daniel Radcliffe’s gorgeous blue eyes remind you of the sky? It all depends on the choices you made. There are no wrong answers and because the available guys aren’t listed off the bat, you can’t aim for someone specific either. Not knowing who you’ll get is part of the fun. Anyway, if you’re not too happy with the result you can always try taking the quiz again.

Though this is the “famous” date quiz and “Justin Bieber” is easily a household name, it’s a shame there aren’t any intriguing tidbits added in the results page. It would be nice to know how celebs were discovered, which movies they starred in or what their favourite ice cream, flavor is. As the developers did make use of a dynamic medium instead of a simple HTML form, there should be more to it than a static picture and a few sentences. Having trivia added is useful for those who are either in need a celebrity refresher course or aren’t necessarily familiar with an A-lister’s body of work. Hey, it may even lead to a newfound love for a movie or music genre.

As is the case with the format used in the results page, the graphics department can also use some work. On the plus side, we love the chic vector art used to depict the choices. The colors are red carpet ready as well, with classy black serving as the layout’s negative space. The simple fonts also suit the overall theme and they contribute to the design’s clean look. Unfortunately, the game lacks dynamic elements which justify its medium. Sure, there are hover animations but those may also be found in simple websites. We would have preferred to see a few animated details to justify loading the game. The button illustrations could be dynamic, page transitions may be spruced up with animated icons and the game replace the cheesy clip-art (such as a smiling heart, skewed stars and sparkles) with subtle effects.

Another detail that would benefit from a little tweaking is the audio. The cheerful tune is only tolerable for the first minute. Listen to it longer and you may suffer from a pounding headache. Peppy music may suit action-oriented games but quiz games like this should be accompanied by relaxing audio. It would have been nice to listen to some unobtrusive jazz tracks or even some good old elevator music. That way, you can focus on the quiz and not on your migraine. At least the mute button is easily accessible regardless which page you’re in.

Famous Date Quiz may not be the one quiz to rule ’em all, but it is entertaining enough to try at least once. As there is no way to send or store results, we recommend playing while friends are around if you’re the type to share. If you enjoy quiz sites or are just fond of personality tests, by all means try this out. It may not offer valuable answers or suggestions to beat your messy habit but it may help you discover something new about yourself. On the other hand, if you’re looking for bells and whistles, you won’t find it here, you may find it in Dating Simulations such as Dating Sim Academy and Kingdom Days Sim Date. Famous Date Quiz is lacking when it comes to celebrity facts, fancy animation and even a few must-have game features.

Overall, it really depends on what you’re after. If you’re even remotely interested in what it has to offer, then there’s nothing to lose. This quiz is as short and simple as they come.