I Saw Her Across the World (3) Game Review

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Getting Started

The controls are similar to the first game. W, A, S, D and the arrow keys move the zombies. Aside from jumping, the zombie couple can also swim if they’re in an area with water. The F key switches the active character for areas which require a bit of teamwork. Yes, that’s right, there are stages which will require a bit of timely switching between the two leads. while they do make the game a little harder to beat, they are a fresh take on the age-old platforming formula. If, however, things get just a little too hard, holding H will display a timely hint.

Instead of being a puzzle title like the second title, I Saw Her Across the World is a straightforward platformer like the original. There have been several tweaks and twists, mainly to ramp up the challenge for veteran fans. Expect more baddies to hinder your way. There are rhinos, birdfishes and bugs to keep the two from being with each other. Some enemies can be taken out of the picture by stepping on their heads, Mario-style. Some, like gun-toting humans, can even meddle from afar.

Something New

If you’re missing some of the old bumps found in the first two games, then you’ll be glad to know that there are a few things which have made a comeback in I Saw Her Across the World. There are lasers to contend with and curious buttons which trigger platforms. The phenomenal, poetry-like writing is back as well so if you’re looking for something to warm your heart, you won’t be disappointed with this title.

Speaking of writing, one thing we really loved about this new chapter is the ability to, in a manner of speaking, create your own zombie couple. You get to choose the colors for the male and female zombies as well as the pronouns to use for each. This means that you can star in your very own love story if you wish, or simply mess with the sentences for some laughs.

With a whole map filled with places to explore, the game length has increased dramatically. Though simple, each location has its own mini story which ties up to the main tale. From human cities to forests filled with animals and bugs, themes vary per area. There are quirky maps which contain things to unlock and even one with several people to eat — a buffet of humans, to be specific, as they are described to taste like different types of food.

Keep Playing Again

As with I Saw Her Too With Lasers, there are three different endings to choose from. Of course, there are a lot more areas to clear as well as new collectibles to keep an eye out for but the end rewards remain the same. Aside from getting a few lines to tie the story together, you also gain access to a handful of cheats which will make your next play through even more interesting. There are options such as Big Head Mode, Super Speed, Pancake Rain and Purple Nightmare. Xtreme Mode is also back for those who really want to test their skills.

Fall in Love With It, Again

With its tricky levels, I Saw Her Across the World is a definite must-play for platform game fans. As there are a few stages that get hectic to the point of being frustrating, it may not be for young players. The game’s story is in the same vein as its predecessors. It’s still as cute as ever with the additional advantage of being flexible. We really loved the idea of being able to customize the story to reflect personalized names or terms. On the downside, the graphics remain the same. While it’s fine as it is, it doesn’t seem that unreasonable to expect some improvements as this is already the third game in the series.

Play it if you’re looking for a real challenge. Or, if you’re looking for something more relaxed and you’ve never played its predecessors, then you may want to check those out first.