I Saw Her Standing There (1) Game Review

Up with Simple Controls

In I Saw Her Standing There (1), players are quickly introduced to a simple game. You can use either the W, A, S and D keys or arrow keys to make the lead character move around. Once guns become available, pressing the Spacebar will allow him to shoot. Despite what the story says, ammo is infinite in this game so you can clear a whole map as long as you get a gun pickup.

The Layout

There are three story chapters with a handful of missions under each. Your goal is to corral the object of your affections and confine her to a cage. Once you’ve done this successfully, you will be rewarded with a tidbit of the love story and you will be able to proceed to the next stage. Rinse and repeat the process until you see their love story through ad find out whether the strange couple ends up together or things end in tragedy.

As we’ve said before, don’t let the simple design fool you. There are a few stages which will likely require a couple of tries before you get things right. One such stage involves a zombie mob. These lean, mean, brain eating machines will begin chasing your guy once he is detected by his undead girlfriend. The stage platforms are arranged in a way that forces you to employ a bit of a creative jumping in order to lead the mob to one side of the map, giving you some space to lead your girl towards her cage.

Surprisingly Charming

Initially, every stage is delivered in a straightforward manner with your run-in-the-mill undead baddies and levels that gradually increase in difficulty. Finish the game once though, and you are given the choice to make a few tweaks to the game play. For those who are looking for a little extra challenge, there’s “xtreme mode” and “jumpin’ zombies” to activate. On the opposite side are the perma-gun and crazy super gun options. Finally, there’s the Make it Crazy category which allows flight and gives an option to toggle Big Head mode. We give brownie points for the sheer uniqueness of these cheats. Not only are they fun to use, they also show the amount of thought that went into creating this zany title.

Don’t expect I Saw Her Standing There to win anything for its graphics. For the most part, all you’ll be able to see are virtual stick figures, lines for platforms and lines of text. It’s not a big deal though as the look is clean and crisp. It also doesn’t distract from the game play and the surprisingly heartwarming story. Speaking of which, the writing is pretty good. It’s nothing revolutionary but despite its simplicity, the text is almost poetic. It’s a breath of fresh air as compared to the shallow storylines which are generally found in casual games.

Enough for an Afternoon

In terms of game play length, I Saw Her Standing There is pretty short. Presuming that this isn’t the first time that you’ve played a platforming title, it is possible to finish the whole game in just under tem minutes. Add a few extra minutes to account for a few retries and you’ll likely be done in less than twenty even if you’re new to the genre.

A Perfect Breather

So should you give this quirky title a chance? If you love anything that has to do with the undead and are looking for something with good writing and some killer tunes, then I Saw Her Standing There is the perfect fit for you. Now, if you’re not into zombies but are looking for a no frills platform game, then you should give this unique title a shot. It’s one of the few zombie games which do not involve age old clich├ęs like brains being eaten.

Basically, play it for its cute storyline or, better yet, have a blast playing it with friends while cheats are activated. Plus, considering the fact that it can be finished in a short period of time, it’s also great to play during short breaks.

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