I Saw Her Too With Lasers (2) Game Review

What is This Game About?

In order to get reunited with your undead love in I Saw Her Too With Lasers (2), you have got an array of deadly lasers and holographic humans at your disposal. The controls are simple, just as they were in the original. However, they are vastly different and there are more things to mind this time around. That is, if you don’t want the pancake-loving zombie couple to turn to ash. Each stage will have a set of clickable icons which will trigger objects which either draw the zombies towards a particular direction or control the access to certain parts of the stage.

Timing is Important

The key here is to time when you bait the zombie couple towards a direction. Red lasers fry them on the spot. Blue ones serve to either bar their way or catch them when they fall through gaps in the platforms. Green ones are called “super jump lasers” and they, what else, allow the zombies to jump high. And then there are the purple teleportation lasers which get the baddies from one place to another, sometimes in an endless loop that will put your hand-eye coordination to the test. Note that there are floor triggers which activate whenever zombies, good or bad ones, step on them.

Stages get progressively harder, with more and more crazy gadgets scattered about. Later on, mean, green zombies are thrown into the mix and they are just as bothersome this time around. Although there are no guns to help you blast your way through, you may use the lasers to eliminate hostiles before you direct the two towards each other. The good part is that once they’re close enough, the undead lovebirds find their way into each other’s arms without additional effort on your part.

An Evolution of a Series

As compared to the first title in the series, the puzzles here are a lot trickier. You cannot rely on chance either, as every move is determined by the icons you click. If you’ve done things correctly, then you’ll be rewarded with a tidbit of the story and progress to the next level. If things go horribly wrong then you can restart the level infinitely until you get the timing down pat. The third possible outcome in a stage is that you get stuck. Yes, that’s right. It’s possible to get stuck if both zombies are still “alive” so to speak, but end up on a spot where none of the gadgets can affect them. Clicking the ‘R’ key will restart a level instantly though, so this isn’t much of an issue.

It Gets More Fun

Similar to I Saw Her Standing There (1), the game play length remains short for this sequel. Those who are familiar with puzzle titles will likely be able to finish I Saw Her Too With Lasers in less than twenty minutes. Young players and those who are new to puzzle games in general may take anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours as there is no tutorial. The gadgets are introduced through the story, so their use will entail a bit of a trial and error to figure out. The good news is that none of the stages are so hard that they are impossible to beat. Again, it’s all about timing and patience.

Once you finish the game, you will be given three options to determine what happens to the pancake-loving zombies. Do you administer a cure? Release them or kill them for kicks? Regardless what you pick, you will be able to unlock new cheats and options in the main menu.

Growing the Right Way

Because I Saw Her Too With Lasers is more of a straightforward puzzle game than its predecessor, it may not please all fans of the original. Like we said, it’s a bit trickier and it may be a bit too clicky for younger players. On the other hand, the quality of writing is consistent. The graphics remain in the same vein as the first title in the series and the tunes are just as catchy.

Basically, the game’s good points outweigh the bad. Play it for the challenge and decide the fate of the cute zombie couple.