An Insightful & Personalised Love Horoscope App by Co-Star

co star love horoscope

With genuine romance and love so difficult to stumble upon at the best of times, it is comforting to know that apps like Co-Star Personalised Astrology exist to tether the average live/laugh/love seeker firmly to reality. Today’s offering is Co-Star Personalized Astrology, an app that goes many levels beyond having to read up on your daily horoscope in your favourite gossip magazine sitting in your local dentist’s waiting room area. This is the damn 21st century, and horoscopes should be delivered as such. This is a feat managed in detail by Co-Star Personalized Astrology.

Here is an app that takes vital information about you, aligns it with current information gleaned from Nasa’s planet-tracking database, and goes at very least a few steps further than even the best paper-based horoscopes out there. The result is an app worth exploring, with this review’s aim to give you an in-depth idea on the appeal of this app, exploring the app’s ethos, the technology on which it is based, as well as the level of detail it offers the user, not only in its provision of planetary positions and their effect on your horoscope, but also in the detail of the horoscopes themselves. Read on through this in-depth look at this app’s functions, features, and appeal to the love-seeking community.

Getting Started

As an avid seeker of love and what must be someone with ­least the ability to suspend a serious amount of disbelief, you may be wondering how this app works to bring you what turns out to be the creepiest levels of accuracy and detail ever experienced in horoscope history. To start, once you have freshly downloaded the app (which is available for Android as well as iOS), you will be prompted to hand over a few crumbs of personal detail about yourself. Not to worry, though – it will not ask for anywhere near the amount of detail being scraped by Google and other conglomerate companies daily. Simply input your date of birth, as well as the time of birth (if you know it – this is optional) and location of birth, and you’re halfway there.

Once you have entered your DOB, this is the point where the NASA-driven data so often touted in all the promotional blurbs from this app’s developers comes into play. The descriptions of “using NASA data” and its claims of being powered by impressive AI are really based on the fact that your DOB is used to ascertain the location and relative alignment of the stars, planets, and planetary bodies at the moment you finally left the womb.

The app’s use of NASA data is the sprinkling of empirical, fact-based, actual sciencey-science that underpins the app’s generally less evidence-based claims. As for the efficacy or reliability of predicting and providing advice on your daily life based on these relative positions of objects in space, this is not for me to judge. What I know is that this app’s 5-million-dollar-plus round of funding speaks for itself here, and that there’s something about the app’s overall offering of slick design, semi-solid science, and outright interpretation/guesswork that has appealed to a massive audience and continues to do so. This, coupled with the fact that some of the daily push notifications are extremely close to the nose, makes it a fun experience even if you are a massive sceptic.

The How Behind the Horoscope

Digging deeper under the hood of Co-Star, this app doesn’t just stop at providing you with your classic horoscope offering, which is based solely on the position of the sun when you were born. No, this app goes into a supreme amount of detail, and it does so based on a more comprehensive reading of the positions of a wide variety of planetary bodies at your moment of birth. So, we do not just have a basic, sun-centric reading of your horoscope here. In fact, this beyond-your-average-detail feature is one of the main appeals of this app; that you are provided with detailed, daily updates of your horoscope based on the wider profile of planetary and star positions on any given day. All of this is then married together using together using a natal chart (a commonly seen tool in astrology, it turns out). This information then gets passed through the app’s unique AI system, and out comes your daily predictions and advice based on the app’s algorithms.

The use of AI is how the app can get uncannily detailed in its predictions: I am sure it monitors certain aspects of your behaviour and other data in order to provide its readings. However, the detail and scarily relevant sections of your daily horoscope are discerned by the app is not hugely relevant, though. The fact is that the app’s daily notifications give it an ongoing appeal that out-lasts any standard horoscope out there. Its musings about your love life are also highly relevant in many cases, allowing it to appeal to those out there seeking a mate yet have failed through traditional means.

The Main Event

Taking us to the app’s main screen, now, which lies in the “Updates” tab of the app. If the app’s algorithms are the man behind the curtain (in addition to actual men writing the data into something relatable), then the updates section is like the curtain that hides the man. It greets you with a “Good Morning” or other time appropriate salutation, and then proceeds to list a 4-section brief, each bullet-pointed with tiny, cute little emoji-style icons. First is your daily prediction, which is only available on the current day, and it sits next to the lightbulb icon. This always contains a gem of advice or even sharp encouragement. Everything from “Put your head down and get it done today” to “Allow yourself to be something else, something more”. These updates are not simply swiped from a bank where they’re copy and pasted, though. They’re always worded in a way that makes them sound bespoke and you very rarely encounter anything resembling a repeat. Often, you’ll get ones that are directly applicable to your love life, too, making the app a relevant inclusion when it comes to astrology-powered dating.

The next bullet point is a seedling and most often comes up with advice aimed to empower and to tell you where your astrological strengths are on any day. This can often be the same for several days, and as the planets realign, this undergoes subtle changes (“Power in social life” to “Power and routine” in Social life”, for example). This section is also mirrored wonderfully by the “Pressure” bullet point, prefixed by a tiny fire icon. Here you’ll find advice applicable to difficulties you may be facing, and advice on what to address in your day (such as routine, thinking and creativity, spirituality, and sex & love).

Finally, the last bullet point is accompanied by a no-exit-style sign. This is where you’ll find troublesome aspects of your horoscope to look out for. All of this is then expanded upon in more detail below. Furthermore, you are able to see 2 days into the past and future here, letting you see where your horoscope was and where it is likely to go.

Daily Dose of Sassy Predictions

The AI and the algorithms that power Co-Star are central to the app’s ongoing appeal. It is the predictions made from this technology that power one of the app’s longevity-enabling features: the “Day at a Glance”. You see, once you’ve taken a lengthy read (and I do mean lengthy – this app is replete with staggering detail that takes into account all of the elements of the zodiac) of your main horoscope based on the planets and stars’ position at your moment of birth, the daily updates are what ensure the app keeps on being useful over the weeks and months following its download.

Because the app really does use elements of artificial intelligence to pump out its predictions, the daily updates can seem accurate enough to border on the unsettling. Of course, we know that not only is not there anything supernatural going on here, there isn’t even anything that we can point to in our understanding of the natural world that could possibly cause planetary bodies to interact with us to an extent that would then allow an app to make spot-on predictions about us. This is a moot point, though, since the updates have their impact on millions of users’ lives daily, and that is really the point, isn’t it?

The day-at-a-glance feature of this app is so notable in fact, that its predictions have become thing of internet meme and legend. There are pages packed with Co-Star Astrology memes that range from the creepily accurate, to the downright pointed and sassy. Sometimes it can be posed in the form of a question such as “Life has Practical Requirements; Are you aware of them?”. They vary from these ponderings to little snippets of suggestion like “Take yourself out to dinner tonight”. The latter forms of advice can be read generously or with pessimism. Sure, the app could be offering you great self-care advice. Conversely, it could very much be jabbing you in the ribs with tongue-in-cheek utterances designed to be barely cloaked insults worthy enough of becoming internet memes.

So the daily push notifications are therefore useful in a multitude of ways, from giving you titbits of advice on which you can choose to act or ignore. Furthermore, even if you’re not fully convinced that this app will be the solution to bringing your love life back from the brink, it is at very least a daily piece of entertainment that no ordinary horoscope could ever hope to match.

A Friendly Affair

One of the beauties of horoscopes is that you do not even have to have your friend be a user of the app in order to find out their comprehensive horoscope. Of course, it helps with the sense of community and closeness, but Co-Star allows you to compare you and your friends’ horoscopes as a standard feature.

It’s a quicker process if your friend has the app, but if not, you simply need to know their birth details and you’ll be able to do a side-by-side comparison of your stars. You’ll be able to see their star sign pass through the signs chart through Jupiter to Mars, the Sun, Ascendant, and more, just like you view your own. It’s easy to flick between you and your friends’ horoscopes, too

Oh, and you’ll need to wait a while until this feature is added to the Android app, so, that’s a minus point for making me look stupid for bigging up this feature, before it’s even ready, Co-Star.

To Love and Light with Attitude

So what are the chances of anyone being able to successfully utilise Co-Star as a tool in your search for the lovely touch of Eros? After all, there is not a spin doctor in the world that could convince anyone in their right mind that this app could sufficiently substitute for dating apps like Tinder or Hinge. It is not an app geared specifically for the love-seekers in that respect. However, what you are likely not aware of when using the app, is that the AI system is powered by astrologers that know their craft, with this knowledge then distilled and penned into concise , entertaining, and relatable statements/advice sections that are designed to feel conversational. The conversations really do have some relevance to the love lives of anyone using the app, too.

The ability to manually add your friend’s horoscope to the app (simply tap “Add” in the top right-hand corner of the main screen) is a useful one, and makes this app all the more applicable to the search or love.  This feature could also be hijacked if you’re currently pursuing a love interest that also shares an interest in horoscopes. Simply add your love interest in the app and you’ll be comparing lengthy horoscopes in no time, allowing you both to check whether the planetary data and resulting horoscope would mean you were both going to be compatible.  Again, it would be substantially more helpful if the “Add Manually” feature were working here, which would then allow you to add your friend or potential lover into the app without their knowledge. Of interest here for the love seekers will be the “Sex & love” section, or at least it will be for those looking to use this app for love-related reasons. If you tap on the “Sex & love” section here, you may be staggered at the level of detail you’ll find here. You’ll get an update as it applies to the current day, of course, but as with all other sections, the beauty here is that you get to see the “Transit” of your Sex & Love-centric horoscope, with predictions that take you through the next few days, and forecasts of your near and medium future, too, with mention of specific days so you can plan accordingly.

Of course, this does not bring Co-Star into the same leagues as dedicated horoscope-centred dating services like’s Astrology branch or the wildly successful Match My Sign service. These services are comprehensive and are premium, after all,  offering a platform that takes the user from beginning to end (from signing up to finding their match and beyond). Co-Star’s limitations are obvious, here, being a more general (if impressive and notably detailed) horoscope service with daily interventions and a respectable amount of advice contained within the daily updates that can apply nicely to and be used to enhance your love life.

App Design

Co-Star’s main appeal is of course the virtually limitless levels of sass and downright savagery-in-verse it throws at you via push notifications daily. However, all of the app’s musings, carefully curated, devastatingly detailed, sharply-pointed advice for allowing you to boost your love life would likely fall on deaf ears if it offered this content through a shoddy looking framework that was harsh on the eye. Thankfully, this app’s designers have seemingly put a nice bit of thought into how this app looks, which in turn seems to have nothing but positive effects on how the app  generally feels when you’re dedicating you time to it every day.

Co-Star’s design is not highly flashy or saturated with bright, jazzy colours. It does not stack Cancer, Leo, or Scorpio depictions atop each other in the style you will find in your average gossip magazine. Though one would probably imagine a range of intricate drawings and designs to represent each of the star signs’ archetypal symbols known to billions across the world, the developers chose to take a decidedly more minimal approach to the visuals. If you want a preview of what it looks like, the design follows on almost seamlessly from that on the CoStar Astrology website.

From the moment the app opens for the first time, you are immersed in an app whose design is minimalistic, but pleasingly so. The largely monochrome colour theme really gives an air of respectability to proceedings, almost making you forget the often amusingly detailed and eerily applicable advice that the daily horoscope updates dish out. All the text is presented in an exceptionally clean font that’s satisfying to look at, with any photos or sketches of items pertinent to the various horoscope sections are presented black and white, too. Pictures/photos are extremely high-res and sit on the page very well. Everything down to the heading sizes and the body text are a pleasure to read, which you would expect from an app whose primary appeal is the reading of the users’ daily horoscope updates.

One of the other reassuring aspects of the design is the inclusion of a feedback system that sits below virtually every piece of advice, prediction, or exploration of your horoscope. All these sections are suffixed with “Was this Useful”, with accompanying smiley, neutral, and unhappy-face logos. It seems that at very least, the developers are taking into consideration customer feedback when it comes to the accuracy or the perceived usefulness of each days’ advice and general predictions. It is also very likely that these suggestions feed into the app’s utilisation of AI that likely underpins the majority of your horoscope’s content.

Overall, the app’s minimalist, monochrome design really makes you feel like you are digging into a daily newspaper that is personalised to you and your particular planetary alignments. Everything operates extremely smoothly, with everything from the page and section transitions gliding across the screen in a seamless fashion. The chart section also details a nice summary of your star’s position relative to the planets, the sun, and the ascendant. All the relevant descriptions are also encased in discrete sections tastefully cordoned off from one another as it explores the nature of Venus being in Gemini, Jupiter in Taurus, and the many other possibilities afforded by the zodiac system. The sleekness of the design and the absolute wealth of content that this app provides is second to none. The comprehensive Sex & Love section of the daily updates is also a godsend for those looking to have the advice from this app apply directly to their search for love.