Love Letter Game Review

A Worthy 5-minute Challenge

Do you remember your first love? Was it because of your sweetheart’s good looks or intriguing personality? Well it really doesn’t have to be anything epic. In The Love Letter, all it took was one act of kindness to turn your character from being someone’s crush to the apple of her eyes. This unique game is great for anyone who is looking for a 5-minute challenge filled with hordes of curious schoolmates, school hallways with nooks that are perfect for hiding and a secret admirer.

How This All Began

So how exactly does a love story turn into the attack of nosy schoolmates? Well you were late for first period and while you were rushing to get stuff from your locker, you find a letter with a heart on it. With a warning that tells you to read it alone before the second period bell, the mysterious letter slowly reveals the identity of your admirer and gives you a chance to meet her. That is, if you make it to the end without being pestered by your friends. Unfortunately, you’re pretty popular in school. This means you’ll be dealing with snoops for the whole duration of the game. That is the point of the game after all.

With only two commands to mind, the game’s controls can’t get any simpler. Using your mouse, you can move your guy through the school hallways. When you get the chance to read it, click and hold the left mouse button to scroll through the letter. In case you do run into your school mates, which you will a lot of times, there’s no need to panic. Just stop reading the letter and lead the flock of students away from your chosen nook. Unlike adventure game baddies, touching the NPCs won’t cost you a life. They will simply delay your date for a bit until you find a way to get rid of them.

Retro is the Awesome

Because the pixel art is so well-made, we give The Love Letter’s graphics a two thumbs up. We love the choice of colors because it gives the game a cohesive look. It is plain to see that the artist put some thought into creating the game’s thematic look. The attention to detail is superb too, which makes for smoother game play. For instance, even with classmates swarming around you, the neat layout ensures that nothing is obscured from view. Key items ping too, so you’ll never be lost even if you’re in a rush.

The Love Letter’s music is equally impressive. While you’re shoving your way to a quiet spot, the background beat is catchy. The 8-bit chip tunes are reminiscent of elevator music, only much, much cooler. While reading your letter, the music becomes touching and heartwarming. As if that’s not enough epicness, the sound effects match the pixel look perfectly. You get familiar sound clips that will bring out the NES nerd in you.

Skills Still Required

Regardless if you are a pro or not, the challenge level is just right. Depending on your strategy and ability to pay attention, finishing the game within the 5-minute window is highly possible. Though reading the letter all the way through to the P.S. part of the letter isn’t really brag-worthy, Flash game veterans will likely appreciate the game’s fresh concept. Those who are new to indie titles and mini games may get more mileage out of The Love Letter but, thankfully, the simple controls ensure that it doesn’t get frustratingly difficult.

In a sequel, if it were to have one, we would like to have even more levels. Perhaps there could be several correspondences before the big reveal of the secret admirer. To make things more challenging, there could also be random events that could stall you from reading the letter in peace. Maybe you could use the distraction as an advantage to keep your clingy, nosy and sometimes downright creepy school mates busy.

This Letter is for You

We really couldn’t recommend this title enough. With unique mechanics and impressive assets, The Love Letter game is a must-play. Anybody who appreciates indie games, mini games or games about love should take the time to try it. After all, The Love Letter only takes ten minutes to play. That being said, we guarantee that it’s time well-spent and that you’ll probably be trying for a better clear time even without the incentive of a leader board.