Colour My Heart (Web)

An inspired adventure title by Silver Stitch, Colour My Heart is more of an experience than a test in skill. Here, you travel across giant mountains and a busy city to reach your beloved. In line with its theme, everything is coloured in black and white. Take in the sights and scour the world for interesting tid-bits or race to the end of you’re after a swift resolution to your tale. What you take away depends on how much you want to interpret Colour My Heart’s subtle cues.

Colour My World (Web)

The sequel to Silver Stitch’s Colour My Heart, Colour My World is another artistic casual title that stars everyone’s favourite stick man. As with the first game, your goal is to help him find his beloved by searching high and low for switches, platforms and the like. Each puzzle you solve adds a splash of colour to the vast monochromatic world and that brings you closer to your true love. Brave the dangers of the chaotic city or heed the words of warning and lose your love forever. The choice is yours in Colour My World.

Jim Loves Mary (Web)

Jim loves Mary and Mary loves Jim. But unfortunately both are not allowed to be in a relationship. In this beautiful game it’s all about amour and it’s up to you to navigate both love-birds simultaneously through each stage, collecting hearts along the way and bring them together. Much fun.

Digital A Love Story (PC)

Digital a Love Story is the game that put Christine Love on the map. And why shouldn’t it? Its delivery is unique, the concept is strong and the retro feel is irresistible for those who went through the dial-up era. It’s even better if you’re not familiar with that high-pitched modem sound. Playing this interactive novel is like taking a time machine and living life in a glorious era gone by. However, not everything is rainbows and unicorns. As with all games, Digital a Love Story is a mixed bag of immersive positives and dull negatives.