Love Tester Deluxe Game Review

love tester deluxe

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Let the Stars Be Your Guide in Love Tester Deluxe

Are you interested in someone but just aren’t sure if you’ll hit it off? Or maybe you’ve gone on a few dates yet there’s something holding you back? Never fear, Love Tester Deluxe is here. This nifty mini game will tell you just how compatible you are with the guy or gal of your dreams by comparing your names, birthdays or zodiac signs. Of course, you can’t blame Love Tester Deluxe for any gross habits you discover later on but at least your relationship would be off to the right start. Well, at least in theory.

As far as mini games go, there’s no real skill involved here similar to that of Famous Date Quiz. You don’t even have to stalk the apple of your eyes to find out if you’re a match. As long as you know your dreamboat’s name or date of birth, you’re all set. While the former will allow you to try one mini game, the latter gives you access to two. However, if you’re not sure about the year your guy or gal was born, then checking your compatibility through the Chinese Horoscope is not an option. In that case, there’s always the Zodiac Horoscope option if you know his sign.

In terms of scientific accuracy, what can we say? It’s loosely based on the traditional zodiac system and it gives roughly the same result as online tests. Though no two tests are a hundred percent alike, the names we checked did yield similar results. For instance, Love Tester Deluxe’s Chinese Horoscope said that pairing those born in the year of the Rat with people whose birth dates fall under the year of the Dog “may be a match” at 70%. Checking it manually in other charts listed it as “good” or “favorable”. Meanwhile, the Zodiac Horoscope stated that those with the Aquarius sign are “a match made in heaven” with confident Leos at 85%. Other resources say that the two are an unstoppable match and are likely to have a good relationship. Its interactivity gives Love Tested Deluxe some edge, though its lack of explanation and other interesting tidbits will make its appeal short-lived to some.

While it’s easy to see where the two Horoscope mini games were based on, it’s a bit trickier to determine where the Name Match test is based off on. The accuracy is also questionable because it doesn’t tell you if you have to type in nicknames, first names, full names or even pet names. It’s reminds us of those times when friends wrote down the name of their crush and added the letter values to determine their compatibility. That being said, if you want to know just how good of a match you are with your cute seatmate, you can type in whatever name you know him by.

Though Love Tester Deluxe isn’t exactly the cream of the crop when it comes to compatibility checks, it does have some impressive good points. For one thing, the mini game is available in several languages. By clicking on the list in the main menu, you can try the game in Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian and several other non-English languages. That’s pretty neat considering the fact that you can share your results with friends.

Yup, that’s right. After finishing any one mini game, you can copy a link to your results so you can manually share it online. Post it on Facebook to show your flawless rating or even make a blog about it, along with sweet pictures that’ll make people green with envy. Regardless if you want to use your results for good or evil, clicking on the link you provide will load the mini game, display your score and allow your friends to try Love Tester Deluxe too.

So, will these three mini games be able to predict if you’ll live happily ever after with your prince charming? Not really, but it does offer an entertaining tidbit to share with your best pals. If you’re in it only to have fun, then enjoy the short tests complete with its bright colors and sparkly details. On the other hand, if you think you’ll simply be devastated to know that Bob or Jane is only a 20% match, you may want to steer clear of Love Tester Deluxe.