My Best Friend’s Wedding Film Review

My Best Friend’s Wedding remains one of our all-time favourite romantic movies, our review will give you a pretty good idea what to expect without giving the final plot away.

Start your Wedding Movie Marathon

Most women only get to be a bride once which is why so many women call up their gaggle of girlfriends and gather on the sofa with snacks, fizzies and a long list of wedding flicks. It seems to excite us when we see movie stars in their striking wedding dresses and often gives us plenty of fashion ideas for special occasions.

We’ve reviewed one of old time favourites, My Best Friend’s Wedding, if you want to watch whilst wearing your dress and tiara we won’t judge.

The Story: Michael, Julianne & Kimmy

Julia Roberts has long been America’s Sweetheart making and is her ideal as titular character Julianne. Back in college, Julianne broke the heart of her high school sweetheart Michael(Dermot Mulroney) but the two promised to remain best friends, supporting one another through the waxes and wanes of life. Though life took them in different directions, Julianne and Michael made a powerful pact that if both were still single by the age of 28, the two would marry.

If the Hollywood happy ending treatment were to be applied, both would hit 28, remain happily single and run off into the sunset together. Instead, Julianne finds 28 dwindling over her head like the proverbial stick. With 28 hovering on the periphery of her horizon, Julianne receives a call from Michael. He’s in town and wants to talk. Surely it can only mean one thing?

Michael’s Unexpected Wedding Announcement

Unfortunately for Julianne it doesn’t. Michael is getting married in three days to Kimmy(Cameron Diaz), the juggernaut of all wives to be, the kryptonite to men all over the world and all round little Miss Perfect (well she is portrayed by Cameron Diaz). Not only is she drop dead beautiful with butter blonde hair and big baby blues that you could dive into, she’s also filthy rich, well connected (her father owns both the White Sox and his own cable magnate), and impeccably nice. To Julianne’s disdain, there’s nothing to hate about her.

Julianne immediately sees the green eyed monster and sets out to sabotage this fleeting fledgling romance before it can officially be cemented in the eyes of God and doting onlookers. This interesting look into ‘the other woman’ is actually hugely well done with all of the characters fully fleshed out, parading a myriad of nuances that render them likeable and complex. Julianne is an intriguing mixture of desperation, tenacity and cruelty whilst Kimmy is warm, kind and utterly lovely. Michael himself is not a mere pawn or puppet positioned between two tempting A-list beauties but a motivated man who knows what he wants (or does he?)

Julianne’s strategy evolves over time but begins with her attempting to save face by portraying faux excitement for her best pal. Cementing a Cheshire cat grin to her mega watt face, Julianne attempts to implode the marriage from behind the scenes. Kimmy’s awareness is particularly endearing as she understands Julianne’s actions but refuses to be thwarted. Diaz’s butter wouldn’t melt good girl actually wields a great deal of clout and staying power which makes her character all the more likeable.

The Final Flourish – Julianne or Kimmy?

Enthused with an exciting and skilfully implemented combination of humour, drama and romance, My Best Friend’s Wedding remains enigmatic and impenetrable until the final flourish; who will Michael pick; his best friend for a zillion years or the shining star that has stolen his heart? Despite Julianne’s varying tactics and techniques, the film introduces a wild card who urges Julianne to side step the game playing and simply tell Michael how she feels; lay it all on the line.

The film elegantly marries (pardon the pun) its light and dark tones effortlessly; the humour is on point, the small catalysts that spur the film onward are beautifully executed and the drama is deep and heartfelt as we feel tangibly Julianne’s desperation, Michael’s confusion and Kimmy’s patience in rebelling against a rival she didn’t even know she had.

My Best Friend's Wedding

All three leads expertly portray their characters; Michael serves as the solid centre piece of the film whilst Julianne(Julia Roberts) and Kimmy, polar opposites but never caricatures of themselves serve to embody two differing futures for Michael to pursue. We won’t spoil the films ending for you as that would defeat the purpose but the writing, direction and acting merge wonderfully to portray an interesting take on marriage and the acute emotional impact it can have on those in a nearby vicinity.

Kick up your heels, sit back and enjoy a big bucket of popcorn. Oh, and have a box of tissues to hand in case your a ‘softy’, beautiful wedding scenes.