A Virtual World Game for Teenage Girls: Find love and dress up in ourWorld

ourWorld is a fun and free virtual online world made for teenage girls where you can create your own full body avatar character that looks exactly like you or totally different and dress up in different fashions. Gain levels, earn gems and build your own condo, dress up in 1000’s of unique fashions and meet other real world players in the game. Hang out and have fun, chat with friends, even find a boyfriend and fall in love!

Play Full Screen Here

To login into ourWorld simply click the button in the top right if you are a returning player. Also remember to check out their Facebook page (open’s in a new window) to get free gem codes weekly.

An Avatar Tool that allows you to make a highly customisable character

The highlight of ourWorld and what makes it the best game for girls online, particularly teenagers looking for a love game with boys – https://www.lovegameonline.com/teenage-love-game.html is it’s original seamless avatar maker with flawless vector design to make your girl character look beautiful and cool. You can dress up in hundreds of unique fashion clothes uniquely designed for the game. The graphics are super smooth even when you zoom in many, many times. The character creator allows you to choose so many different facial features, shapes, body sizes where you can make your character as long or short as you want limb to limb. You can also edit and change your character at any time which is something rather unique for a virtual world.

Build a Condo – Throw a Party with Your Friends Online

ourWorld allows you to build a cool condo exactly how you want it on the inside, decorate it how you like so you can throw a party and invite friends around for a great time online. Condos can be decorated with thousands of different furniture and accessories while you can even add a garden where you can grow your own pets.

In terms of it’s cool factor ourWorld is up there with any free game you play online, even vs those emerging mobile games market such as Cover Fashion – https://www.covetfashion.com/. As it has a wide range of activities to do in the game it keeps the fun fresh while it’s anime style of character game is the perfect fit for this type of world. Finally it’s fashion range is so far reaching it has available anything from serious cool clothes to fancy dress such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter outfits to Angel and Devil themes. Register for free now above and explore this fun filled world.

In Ourworld there are 8 different designer brands of clothing you can shop for, all offering unique clothes for both girls and boys. These are:

  • Volla
  • Bluecow
  • Lady King
  • Sugar Star
  • Otto
  • Ani
  • Skeleton Key
  • Lucky 7

Many of the cooler clothes you buy with gems that can be obtained via the free gem code give away Ourworld does everyweek on their Facebook page (see link further above) or by performing activities as simple as interacting with our friends and players in the game, taking part in competitions, attending organised parties and completing tasks.

Dressing up in cool fashions is definitely a big part of Ourworld and you can obtain unique clothing for every part of your body. Whether that’s full one piece dresses, tops, coasts, trousers, skirts and shoes. They even have plenty of fancy dress options too.

There are eight different places to hang out in the game, you have access to just one to begin with but it doesn’t take long to access all the other seven including the Pier, Soho and Electric Avenue. The best place to hangout is your condo or your friends which you can completely decorate how you want to.