What Kind of Girlfriend Are You? Quiz Game

Do you know what kind of girlfriend you are? Knowing if you’re the type to mother your guy or shy away from social situations may not only reveal something new about yourself but also give you a clue why your relationships turn out the way they do. If you’re wondering whether your gal pals are telling the truth when they say that you’re the jealous type, then take the “What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?” quiz and find out for yourself.

As you may have guessed, this quiz consists of multiple choice questions and is quite common, in fact there are many quizzes plastered all over the web with multiple choice questions to figure out who you are to your boyfriend, howstuffworks.com is just one example.

In the game above there are ten of them in total and each one puts a different facet of your relationship front and centre. For instance, one question asks you to recall which problem ended your last relationship while another focuses on your idea of a perfect date.

While those are pretty standard fare, the quiz also features situational questions that will put your honesty to the test. One of these is “What do you do if your boyfriend doesn’t answer his mobile?” If you simply cannot stand being ignored, you can say that you’ll write him a love letter expressing your feelings or just admit that you won’t stop until your guy answers the pho

If none of the choices fit in with your actual answer, you can always choose option E (None of the Above). This way, that particular question won’t be factored in for your result. However, when we tried choosing this for all ten questions, it rated us as a Regular Girlfriend. It is odd how not choosing anything gives that rating but supposedly it just means you show a variety of traits and don’t fit into any of the stereotypes.

The graphics for this game are simple, yet we love its clean layout. There are no cheesy graphics that get in the way while answering the quiz and the bright background keeps things from looking dreary. The illustrations depicting each of the girlfriend personality types are really cute too, making it hard to feel bad even if you get dubbed as the Jealous Girlfriend – hernorm.com has the cure just in case yo do!. The audio loop isn’t really anything special but at least its catchy beat is peppy enough to call your attention.

While we do like its straightforward approach, we would have wanted to see a little bit more content. Considering the medium, it’s a shame that there are no additional interactive features. We would have enjoyed a mini game or two. They also could have included a way to compare your personality type with the most popular results. Additionally, an optional share button would have made this a hit with friends and maybe even give you a chance to bond with your gal pals. It doesn’t even need to be a Facebook link, even an e-mail shortcut would do wonders. The Love Tester also works a lot like this one –so if you tried that, this will be something worth trying out as well.

Perhaps the feature that we missed the most would have to be the explanation for the results. How else would we know why we got labeled as a Wedding Bells Girlfriend or a Soppy Girlfriend? Ok, so it may be easy to tell if you tend to swoon over your guy’s every move but it would be twice as entertaining if the developers included a silly description. Maybe they could have included some famous Mothering types or an example of Shy Girlfriends in movies. Hey, if it doesn’t make you feel any better, at least it’ll entertain you.

Think you have what it takes to be a Regular Girlfriend? Maybe you do. On the other hand if you don’t get the result you’re hoping for or you get the one your friends have been teasing you about, don’t despair. Keep in mind that this quiz is just for fun and it’s there to highlight a teeny tiny part of your personality. Sure, it can give you an idea as to what kind of girlfriend you are but it can’t actually give an in-depth analysis of your quirks. Just enjoy The Girlfriend Quiz and improve upon your best traits, someone out there will accept you for who you are and inspire you to be a better girlfriend. Or maybe you’ve already met a guy who hates the outdoors just as much as you do and indulges your window shopping hobby. Yup, that’s a keeper.

Bottom line is, try What Kind of Girlfriend Are You? if you’re into traditional quiz forms and the like. By taking the time to answer ten short questions you get to know a little more about yourself and your relationship style too.