Top Love Story Mobile Developers & Games

Artwork from Webelinx – a top love story game developer

There are literally hundreds of love story games on the Android and iOS store made for teenage girls now which only a few years ago would have seemed like an impossibility. But much inspired by an Otome games developer in Japan known as NT Solmare who makes the list here, there have been many more studios that have popped up making a whole series of their own to rival “Shall We Date”. The niche is so expansive now there are even games made for boys who want to flirt with girls, where the niche before was purely devoted to girls falling in love with boys.

A Site Devoted to the Love Game Genre Should Really Look into these Developers!

In fact as a site that devotes a lot of time to love games, perhaps more so than movie reviews and “how to find” love articles we thought it better to review these developers than the games themselves. That way you have can a good idea of which series you may want to dive into if you are the romantic type.

The developers we list are not ranked in any particular order though in time we may change that once we get a grasp on the mountain of love games available to play on your mobile.

NTT Solmare Corp & the “Shall We Date” Series

We have to give our first shout out to NTT Solmare and the original teenage love game series on the Playstore “Shall We Date”. This came about long before any other developer started to introduce a series of branded romantic Otome games.

Unfortunately some of their original titles have been removed from the playstore, we are not sure why but games like Shall We Date? Ninja Love 1 and 2 are no longer available.

They do however still have 9 games for you to play including their highest rated “Obey Me!” featuring 7 handsome demon brothers who await you as a new exchange student at a school called “RAD”. You will get to know each brother through text messages and phone calls and what is rather unique about the series by NTT Solmare is an intimacy rating metre whereby the way you choose to talk and interact with each brother will impact your relationship.

Of course things develop even further in the game than a mere dating sim narrative. Demons within the new school are looking to devour your soul so it’s with the help of the demon brothers that you must defeat them with card battles.

Perhaps NTT Solmares most unique game beyond the Demon brothers is Wizardess Heart where you go to a school to learn magic skills and meet many handsome practising wizards in the process.

The Other Guys & Linda Brown

The other guys may not have as many love simulation games as the other developers in this list but the two games they have are already proving very popular with girls, particularly Linda Brown: Interactive Story. In this romantic tale you play as Linda, who having broken up with her boyfriend, decides to move to a new city to pursue her singing career while potentially finding true love.

The series is written by award winning TV writers, something that none of the other love dev’s can boast. So far there is an amazing 600 episodes in the game where you can form unique relationships with different characters. Perhaps the highlight of the game other than the original scripts is the amazing live like visuals that totally eclipse the other love series of games, they almost feel real to life.

Your own choices and actions lead to the formation of different stories as you play through each chapter meaning you can play each story again and again. If you like the sound of Linda Brown you can check out more on the game by visiting the developers site below or Download the game for Android here and iOS here.

Webelinx Love Story Games

Webelinx don’t only produce love based otome games but we can safely say it’s where they get most of their players. They currently have 13 romance games for girls with their first being Teen Love Story that was released four years go, even this version is still updated regularly. Since the success of their first game this young creative game development studio have gone from strength to strength releasing many more unique love based games including Shadowtime which allows you to make your own Japanese manga character before me embarking on an interactive love adventure that features RPG elements.

1492 Studio & the “Is It Love” Series

Is this love as Chris Brown once asked, is it you taking over my heart? Well this series follows in his love song footsteps to ask the same question. The Is it Love series has racked up a huge amount of downloads. 1492’s biggest hit so far is
Is It Love? Drogo – Vampire” where as an au pair in a house with two very good looking vampire brothers you will uncover their true secrets as well many people around them in the new city. Who know’s you may even fall hopelessly in love! yes the Vampire love story seems to never get tiring for girls, in fact every major developer on this list has at least one vampire based story to tell you following in the footsteps of romantically inclined movies and books such as the Twilight Saga and the huge TV series the Vampire Diaries.

All of 1492’s games get new chapters so it’s worth revisiting them after you have completed the current ones. Perhaps one of their more original ones is a love story with a rock star.