Zombie Love Story Games with a Sense of Humour

I saw her standing there looking like a zombie, oh maybe because she is one? So the best thing I can do is put her in a cage, because I love her so much! This is the type of humour in a quirky series of zombie love story games with puzzle elements. There is nothing you won’t do for your zombie love, eventually even travelling across the world to save her!

The simple graphics of the series allow you to focus on the funny love story and puzzles rather than being distracted which actually works very well. Starting off easy things get trickier as you progress through the levels of each chapter with differing environments and platforms to overcome. For example more zombies come into the game whereby you must avoid them while guiding the special one you love to the cage.

The series is rather sweet but approached with a sense of humour rather than a soppy narrative so it’s a welcome break from those Otome love story games and developers we have come so accustom to, especially on mobile phones.

Play the zombie love series for yourself:

I saw her standing there

I saw her with lasers too

I saw her across the world